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Browse Components & Libraries - Software Development : 201-250 programs listed after popularity

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  • J2K-Codec  201)   J2K-Codec 1.4
    Want your graphics to look better than those of your competition? Look professional and sell more? Use JPEG 2000! It's extremely easy with J2K-Codec.

  • Menu Creator 2005  202)   Menu Creator 2005 0.5.1
    You can create 5 VB menu styles: Button3D, Office 97/2000, XP,2003 and New3D! Add to menus: images, descriptions, colors, backgrounds, gradients side-bars for each popup menu with aligned/rotated/colored text, image, custom colors, and more!

  • SFTPBlackbox (VCL)  203)   SFTPBlackbox (VCL) 5.0
    SFTPBlackbox (VCL) is a comprehensive collection of native components that add client-side and server-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your Delphi / Kylix applications. SFTPBlackbox includes complete SSH protocol support.

  • ASP.NET Turbine  204)   ASP.NET Turbine 7
    ASP.NET Turbine 7 generates Flash rich media from ASP.NET scripts. Turbine is an integrator of dynamic content into rich media, allowing a clean separation between Presentation and Content.

  • DMControls.CharMap .NET control  205)   DMControls.CharMap .NET control 1.0
    CharMap is a .NET control for viewing and copying characters of any fonts installed in the system. It can be used for various projects being adoptive to each application’s design and color gamma. Windows, DOS and Unicode character sets are supported

  • CRC32 COM Component  206)   CRC32 COM Component 1.04
    CRC32 COM Component is for ASP, .NET, Cold Fusion, VB, VC++ and other languages. The com component will quickly generate a CRC32 checksum from files or a text string in hex or numeric as the official polynomial used by CRC-32 in PKZip, WinZip and

  • LinesHelper  207)   LinesHelper 1.0
    LinesHelper finds and removes horizontal and vertical lines and repairs overlapping text and graphics on binary images.

  • Raster to Vector Converter SDK  208)   Raster to Vector Converter SDK 1.1.1
    Raster to Vector converter SDK, which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector supports such all kinds of image format as BMP,JPG,TGA,TIF,PCX etc.

  • HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption  209)   HIME: Huge Integer Math and Encryption 1.04
    Library with encryption functions (public key/secret key) and huge integer math functions. RSA public key, AES (Rijndael) secret key encryption, SHA-256 hash function, PRNG: Blum-Blum-Shub and RSA, Diffie-Hellman. For every programming language.

  • DC Help Authority  210)   DC Help Authority 3.71
    Help Authority is the only program that lets you create online help files from any point in your program. It helps you write multiple help topics, assign them to different areas, and link to them from anywhere, down to the smallest grid and column

  • StockChart library  211) StockChart library 1.1
    The StockChart library is assigned for stock charts representation. It allows you to add stock chart representation support in your program easily.

  • Aspose.PowerPoint  213)   Aspose.PowerPoint 2.2
    Aspose.PowerPoint is a .Net reporting component which enables you to read and write PowerPoint presentations without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint.The latest version added Automatic expanding table rows when new text added;ect.

  • Vivid Report for Delphi 6  214)   Vivid Report for Delphi 6 3.0 Std
    Vivid Report is a library of visual components for C++ Builder and Delphi, which provides creating reports of almost any complexity. The original concept of the report design in Vivid Report provide best possible WYSIWYG and multiple data using.

  • AidAim SQLMemTable  215)   AidAim SQLMemTable 8.00
    SQLMemTable is a fast in-memory database system. Key features: no BDE, no dlls required, SQL support, BLOB compression, fast indexes, import/export, Unicode, comprehensive help.

  • Chilkat Zip Compression C++ Library  216)   Chilkat Zip Compression C++ Library 9.4.0
    An affordable, advanced, feature-rich Zip Compression Visual C++ Library that can satisfy your application's file and data compression needs. Includes file and in-memory Zip and Unzip, AES encryption, Zip password-protection, self-extract

  • FTP Client Engine for Visual Basic  217)   FTP Client Engine for Visual Basic 3.3
    FTP component library for Visual Basic or VB.NET provides direct control of the FTP protocol from any Windows application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Royalty free. Many examples.

  • wodSFTPdll  218)   wodSFTPdll 3.6.2
    The Secure File Transfer Protocol provides secure file transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, SSH in this case. It is the standard file transfer protocol for use with the SSH2 protocol.

  • FileMenu  219)   FileMenu 1.1
    FileMenu is a java component that provides the usual File Menu functionality.Comes with the New, Open, Save, SaveAs, RecentFiles and Exit menu items. Default functionality can be disabled, extra functionality can be added.See

  • BigSpeed File Sharing SDK  221)   BigSpeed File Sharing SDK 3.0
    Client/Server components for secure private file transfer and remote management. Sample applications are included in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ .NET, and Delphi 7.

  • Gagnon-Harper Chart Lite  222)   Gagnon-Harper Chart Lite
    POWERFUL CHARTING, innovative design, ease of use, and unparalled support... this FREE, innovative tool has revolutionized the face of data analysis. VISIT OUR WEB SITE and view our FLASH DEMOS! Download the FREE "Lite" version TODAY!

    MW6 POSTNET/PLANET Fontware makes POSTNET/PLANET creation extremely easy for your Windows application, TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and PostScript Type 3 fonts are provided.

  • Siberix Report Writer  224)   Siberix Report Writer 3.0
    Siberix Report Writer is an advanced reporting solution which allows to create the entire PDF document dynamically or define it in XML including Sections, Headers, Footers, TOC, Page and Line numbering, Cross-References and other elements.

  • MarshallSoft GPS Component for eVC  225)   MarshallSoft GPS Component for eVC 1.2
    Win/CE GPS client library component reads and decodes standard GPS NMEA 183 sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as compute great circle distances and bearings. Registration is $105 ($195 with source) for email delivery.

  • EasySec Firewall SDK  226)   EasySec Firewall SDK 1.10b
    EasySec Firewall SDK is a professional software kit for developing network firewall, sniffer or analyzer applications for Microsoft Windows.

  • Managed extensions for VCL  230)   Managed extensions for VCL 1.20
    Managed VCL is the best components suite for .Net interop in Delphi Win32 and C++ Builder. It is designed to provide a way to interact with applications written in anyone of .Net languages - C#, Visual Basic.Net, JScript.Net and others.

  • ZylVSS  231)   ZylVSS 1.0
    ZylVSS is a Delphi / C++Builder component that makes the work with Visual SourceSafe easier than you think. Using this great component you will be able to embed version control features in your Delphi or C++Builder projects.

  • DAC for MySQL  232)   DAC for MySQL 3.0.7
    DAC for MySQL (also known as MySQLDAC) is the most powerful component suite for Delphi/C++Builder/ MySQL. It allows you to create Delphi/BCB applications with direct access to MySQL DB without BDE/ODBC. A MySQL library is not required.

  • AudioLab .NET  233)   AudioLab .NET 6.0
    AudioLab is a set of .NET 2.0-4.5 components for fast audio processing. Allows audio capture, processing and playback with zero lines of program code. The library supports large number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use.

  • TFTP Package  234)   TFTP Package 1.5
    Java library for developing TFTP clients and servers; supports all standard features of the protocol, including option negotiation, as well as the implementation of custom features

  • Aspose.Spell  235)   Aspose.Spell 1.8
    Aspose.Spell multilingual spell checking component that can enable you to check spelling in more than 20 languages, including Afrikaans(ZA), Catalan(ES), Spanish(ES) and Swedish(SE) etc.The last version Made Spell and other classes serializable.

  • ZylTimer.NET  236)   ZylTimer.NET 1.0
    ZylTimer.NET is a high resolution .NET timer component which provides a higher precision than the standard .NET Timer component.

  • RADvolution Designer - Professional  237)   RADvolution Designer - Professional 2005
    Rapidly build applications without coding and with a high level of maintainability. Includes a unique Layout Engine, Quick Design, Menu management, Control State Designer, RadioButtonGroupBox, LookupButtons and more ...

  • TBookmarks Component  238)   TBookmarks Component 2.7
    MetaProducts TBookmarks is a Delphi 2 - 7, 2005-2007 component helps you to display MS Internet Explorer Favorites (4.0 - 7.0,) Opera Hotlists (3.0 - 9.0) and Netscape, Safari, FireFox and Mozilla Bookmarks (2.0 - 8.0) in a menu.

  • ZylIdleTimer.NET  239)   ZylIdleTimer.NET 1.0
    ZylIdleTimer.NET is .NET component (class library) which helps you to take actions after a specified system-wide (related to the whole system) idle time or to check the time interval of user inactivity.

  • ZylCPUUsage  240)   ZylCPUUsage 1.0
    ZyllCPUUsage is a visual Delphi component that diplays the usage level of the processor in a chart.

  • FastTextSearch/IB  241)   FastTextSearch/IB 1.7
    FastTextSearch/IB is unique solution for the searching textual information in the Interbase database. Indexing an unlimited amount string and textual memo fields.

  • Editor.NET  242)   Editor.NET 2.5
    Editor.NET is an advanced code editor allowing integration of a highly flexible edit control in your .NET applications.

  • Magnetic controls  243)   Magnetic controls 1.6
    Magnetic Controls is a collection of 100% native .NET framework managed controls

  • AfalinaSoft XL Report for Delphi  244)   AfalinaSoft XL Report for Delphi 4.2.123
    EXCELlent reports with minimal coding. Save your time. Get impressive results! ONLY 3 minutes and EXACTLY ONE LINE of code and multiple sheet report with a pivot table and a pivot chart on every worksheet is ready! See

  • PDF Page Counter COM Component  245)   PDF Page Counter COM Component 1.10
    The com component will quickly tell you how many pages are in a pdf file without the need for acrobat, ideal for web sites that serve pdf content. Example .asp, vb, .asp net, cold fusion, php & vc++ code included

  • CalendarGo Bundle Standard  246)   CalendarGo Bundle Standard 4.2
    A calendaring component for .NET. CalendarGo is fully managed code written in 100% C#, integrates with Visual Studio, can be used from any CLR language. Adds new monthly and weekly vews . A Pro version includes C# source code.

  • PrintForm  247)   PrintForm
    Everything you need to add powerful printing features to your application, PrintForm.NET integrates with the .NET printing architecture to print any Windows Form.

  • FastReport CLX  248)   FastReport CLX 2.5
    FastReport CLX edition is the first powerful cross-platform report generator for Delphi and Kylix. Using FastReport CLX edition, you can create highly efficient cross-platform reports for Windows and Linux with a minimum of manual coding.

  • monoASPUpload  249)   monoASPUpload 1.0
    monoASPUpload component is COM-component designed to easy access to data received from HTML-forms of client's browser with attribute enctype="multipart/form-data" when developing Active Server Pages applications.

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